Del Bujola – Also known as Italian Coppa. Prepared with an attractive marbled look, this 100% NZ Pork Scotch is cured carefully with selected herbs and spices – delivering a unique a fine taste.

Del Peka
– With a similar taste and texture to Prosciutto, this 100% NZ Pork loin fillet has been cured over a long period of time for the most delicious flavour possible.

Del Panchetta
– A combination of exceptional taste and old-fashioned texture, Del Pancheta is hand-crafted with the use of 100% NZ Pork Belly with the finest of herbs and spices.

Del Sremska
– This salami style pork sausage is the perfect blend of 100% NZ prime pork, fresh NZ garlic and carefully chosen spices. Available in hot or mild, the Del Sremska offers the ultimate European taste.

Del Sujuka
– A salami style beef sausage which features a unique aromatic taste, crafted with a mixture of 100% Prime NZ Beef, fresh NZ garlic and cracked black pepper.

All of our products are guaranteed to be traditionally crafted, Manuka cold-smoked and air dried. All of this without any preservatives, additives or artificial colour, and are gluten free.
All products have a long shelf life and require no refrigeration.

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